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Here, we will attempt to educate and inform you of the Standard Rules of Play for Operation: Broken Arrow and other event information. Please see this page for specific field rules. Our goal is to make your day one of the safest and most enjoyable experience you have ever had playing paintball!

Event Schedule:
8:00 am- Gates and all services open
8:45 am- Commanders and Referee meeting
9:00 am- Opening ceremony and announcements
10:00 am- Game on!
12:00 pm- Food truck open – Raising Cane’s oh yeah!
5:30 pm- End of game
6:00 pm- Winner announcement, raffle and prizes!

COMMANDER (CO) –  This is the General of your forces. He decides where to go and what to do. They are battle hardened and tough to kill, only a headshot can take them down. The good news is, if you happen to take the CO out, he’s worth bonus points for your team! And who knows, there might even be a side mission to assassinate him.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER (XO) – This is the Commander’s right-hand man. A skilled artist at motivating the troops, he sees that the Commander’s orders are carried out. The XO dies with any hit and cannot be healed by a Medic. He too, is worth bonus points if killed.

MEDIC – There will be three (3) Medics per side that the CO will decide before the game starts. The medic is tasked with making sure your troops are able to stay in the fight.  They can heal any NON-ROLE players. (Role players are other medics, engineers, launch specialist, Commanding Officers or Executive Officers)  In order to claim the player as “healed,” the medic has to run to the player and wipe off all paint hits.  Wiping off splatter is not necessary.  Medics can heal players who have not been barrel-tagged. They cannot “heal” head-shots. If you wish to be healed by a medic you must stop as close to where you were hit as possible and shout “Medic!” at which point the referee will give the medic a reasonable amount of time to reach you, wipe off your hit and reinsert you into the game.  You are not to be shot at once you call for a medic, nor can you verbally interact with or fire at other players. The medic CAN be eliminated while in the process of completing his tasks. A player calling for a medic is not to be targeted by paintballs. If you can reach a player calling for a medic and barrel tag him, he is eliminated and must go to the hospital.

ENGINEER – There will be three (3) Engineers per side. Before the game starts, the Commander will decide who their Engineers are. The Engineer is tasked with moving and assembling your side’s missile.  ONLY  Engineers are allowed to assemble the missile and MUST BE TOUCHING THE PIECE in order to move it.  If your side’s engineer is not present, you are not allowed to move a missile piece for ANY reason.  If your engineer is shot while moving a piece, or assembling the missile, the piece is to be placed on the ground wherever he was hit, no moving it to cover, tossing it to the side or completing the assembly. Engineers cannot be healed by Medics.

LAUNCH SPECIALIST – Each side will have one (1) Launch Specialist that the CO will choose before the start of the game. Your job is simple, launch your missile and if needed, disarm your enemy’s missile to prevent them from launching. The launch code is inside a locked ammo crate that only the Launch Specialist can open. There will be a special mission handed out during the day that requires the Launch Specialist to locate the ammo crate and retrieve their launch code. A Launch Specialist cannot be healed by a Medic.

Important Info:

REGISTRATION: Book now here! You MUST sign a waiver, either online during registration or during check-in.  Anyone who does not sign a waiver will not receive their Player Pack.  If you are under the age of 18, the signature of a parent or legal guardian is REQUIRED on the liability waiver. If you registered online, a Player Pack will be waiting for you at check-in.

Remember! Pre-Registration is at a discounted price, AND it allows you to pick the side you wish to play on.  If you do not pre-register, you will be assigned to a team based on each team’s needs, so if you want to play with your friends, or on a specific side, we recommend that you PRE-REGISTER! (Note: in the event teams are extremely unbalanced, we will ask some players to switch sides, if there are not enough walk-on registrations to even them out)

Chronograph and Hydro checks: These services will be available starting at 8:00 am. Your marker and tank must be checked and marked off by a referee before you are able to enter the game. Anyone found not abiding by this or caught adjusting their velocity on the field will be dealt with accordingly.

Orientation:  Orientation will be held at 9:00 am on Saturday, before the game.  This will be a short meeting where we will outline general rules of play/field rules, as well as introduce you to your team’s Commanding and Executive Officer.

Missions: There will be several missions handed out throughout the day. These missions will vary in difficulty and point value. Remember, missile launch is your objective but points earned can help  supplement your team’s points and can be the deciding factor in victory or defeat.

Flag Stations: There are four (4) flag stations throughout the field.  Every hour the stations will be checked and points will be awarded for each station that has your team’s flag raised.

The Story

On March 10th, 1956, a U.S Controlled B-47, carrying two nuclear capsules (one seized from North Korea and one U.S) on a nonstop flight from MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa Florida was reported missing. The plane’s whereabouts were never found. Recent intel has surfaced, placing the plane’s wreckage in central Nebraska, approximately 15 miles south of Lincoln. The recovery and launch of these missiles is crucial. Both North Korean and U.S forces will be fighting to launch their missile to prove who the true super power is. Who are you going to fight for?

Each Team must find and assemble the five (5) missile pieces and locate the ammo crate containing their launch code. NOTE: Ammo crates are not allowed to be moved by anyone at anytime!

In order to move a missile piece, at least one Engineer must be physically touching the piece (See Engineer Role for more). Players are not allowed to move missile pieces belonging to the opposing side. But, there is nothing stopping you from heavily defending or even setting an ambush around it. It is up to each side’s Commander when and where the missile is assembled. However, in order to start the launch process, the missile must be assembled and in place on the launch pad. Once the missile is assembled and on the launch pad, the Launch Specialist must enter the launch code into the keypad at the launch pad. Once the correct launch code has been entered, a siren will be heard and the countdown will begin. Your team must secure and hold the launch site for 10 minutes. The opposing side has the ability to disarm your missile, which would result in your team having to re-enter the launch code and start the countdown over.