What is Low Impact Paintball?

Low impact paintball has a lower velocity and is a smaller paintball. It feels about like the sting of a rubber band. It offers all the excitement and fun as the larger .68 caliber, for just one third the sting!  It’s not just for kids – players of all ages are asking us for low impact paintball! 

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Because fun does not have to hurt!

50 caliber paintball

What is .50 caliber?

The caliber of a paintball is the diameter. You can see that a .50 caliber (1/2 inch in diameter) is much smaller than a .68 caliber paintball. Smaller diameter means less mass, thus less energy when you are shot. 

Think of it this way, would you rather have someone use a slingshot or a rubber band to pop you? Choose low impact – because fun doesn’t have to hurt!

.50 vs .68 Caliber

Note: Both .68 caliber and low impact .50 caliber offer an authentic paintball experience. Our staff will work with you to help select the best method for your group.

Regardless of which you choose, it’s important to dress so you have the maximum amount of fun. We recommend closed toe shoes and long sleeves and pants for the best protection.  We do not provide clothing, so come prepared!

Low impact paintball is great for all ages

Everyone Loves Low Impact!

Everyone Uses .50 Caliber

When you choose .50 caliber, you'll only play against other players that choose .50 caliber! Fun for everyone!

low impact 50 cal for private groups

Private Group Play

Bring a group of 10 or more, and your group can play low impact by themselves! Lots of fun for birthday parties or friends and family!

Special Events

Low impact paintball is perfect for your special event.....corporate team building, bachelor or bachelorette parties and church or school outings!